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"Speak Your Way to Wealth benefited me personally and professionally. I made new friends, increased my knowledge, and received wonderful ideas to implement and profit from."

--Gary Edelson, Florida


Lee Pound speakingMy presentations teach you how to use the power of emotional connection to influence audiences and readers and sell prospects on your products and services

"Your stories had color and visibility. Extremely positive and inspiring. Your presentation was personal. I felt you were speaking to each of us personally."                                 Rete J. Pinero, Southern California

Presentation Topics

The Secrets of Story Marketing

An introduction to how successful leaders use the power of stories to create a powerful emotional connection with their audiences, constituents and employees. You will learn how to create stories, how to add emotional power to them, and how to use them in speeches, sales presentations, and interpersonal relationships. 
(20 minutes to one hour, suitable for club and organization meetings, association events, professional meetings and corporate events)

Write And Publish Your Book NOW!

Lee Pound speaking

Lee Pound  speaking at the International Business Conference, Monterrey, Mexico

Learn powerful techniques you can use today to write and publish a book that will establish your credibility in your market. You will learn how to start, to organize and to write your book. You will learn how

to use stories to create emotional impact. Finally, you will learn easy ways to print and publish your book. (One and one-half hours, suitable for multi-speaker, large audience marketing and educational seminars)



From Vision to Success

Any successful project begins with a vision. This seminar will teach you how to create that vision, believe in it, live it and make it happen. You will learn a step-by-step method that will guarantee success. (Two to three hours, suitable as a stand-alone seminar presented in conjunction with professional organizations, churches or colleges)

The Myth of Goal Setting

An irreverent look at how traditional goal setting methodologies often leave people with no idea of how to get from the initial goal to the final solution. This presentation will cover how to break old habits, create new ones and progress to your goals through changing the stories you tell yourself about who you are and where you are. (20 minutes to one hour, suitable for club and organization meetings, association events, professional meetings and corporate events)


"Lee emphasized the value of storytelling and encouraged us to incorporate this aspect of communication throughout our presentations.  He also gave us examples and techniques of how to deliver presentations that will keep our audiences' interest by touching their emotions and interests.  Lee, I extend my gratitude and appreciation to you for your contribution to our professional development.  You are truly an asset and a great resource for improving our writing and speaking skills."                           Sam Paano, Southern California


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